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"Recovering ‘what is evident’ is already the first step in overcoming the indifference that weakens our feelings"

2 months ago
"Recovering ‘what is evident’ is already the first step in overcoming the indifference that weakens our feelings"Cristianisme i Justícia publishes its End of Year reflection: "Faced with the Pain of Others, let us Stop Everything!" 28/12/2023

The Cristianisme i Justicia Center for Studies publishes today its End of Year reflection that carries the title of “Faced with the Pain of Others, let us Stop Everything!” Published in the collection Papeles CJ, the Center recovers the figure of the Good Samaritan, who does not pass by the pain of the man who was mistreated, for the case of the massacre of the Palestinian people.


The Sequestration of Truth

2 months 2 weeks ago
The Sequestration of TruthNew booklet published by Joan García del Muro, Francisco Javier Vitoria, Sonia Herrera18/12/2023

Sequestration. Everyone understands what that means. It is to appropriate something, to make someone or something of interest disappear. The sequestration of truth, therefore, what does that mean? What is it that has disappeared? The truth. And this disappearance gives way to the absence of truth, to post-truth. If we have been robbed of the truth, what is left is what comes after truth. If we think about it, that is strange. To a certain extent, it is a worse option than a simple lie.


"Fictitious Commodities"

3 months 1 week ago
"Fictitious Commodities"Rediscovering Polanyi For The 21st Century24/11/2023

Everyone is aware that the market, as a mechanism for the distribution of resources, has affected several areas of our society. From its influence on how we care for children and elderly people to the fields of education and health, there is a general sense that the expansion of the market is difficult to stop. This situation was already predicted in the middle of the last century by Karl Polanyi who warned of the social consequences of this increasing commodification.


"From Artificial Intelligence to the Immortality of the Soul"

3 months 1 week ago
"From Artificial Intelligence to the Immortality of the Soul"New Paper CJ written by Xavier Casanovas24/11/2023

At the end of 2022, ChatGPT was released to the general public; it is a softwareprogram trained to reproduce human language and to answer any question it is asked. The fact that this softwarehas learned to offer non-predetermined responses, thanks to the vast amount of information fed into it, has put the expression artificial intelligence (AI) on everyone's lips.


"Application of the Senses"

3 months 1 week ago
"Application of the Senses"A Rediscovered Contemplation24/11/2023

Praying with the senses is a practice proposed by Saint Ignatius in his Spiritual Exercises. The benefit of knowing, developing, and practicing this way of praying is evident from many centuries of Christian spiritual tradition. A great many authors have studied in depth the use of the senses in prayer, and they have discovered how the spiritual senses can be used in coordination with the bodily senses.

Written by Rafael Abós

8 hours 42 minutes ago
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