Listen to the Silence

Listen to the Silence

Oh rest quiet my soul
once restless now at ease
famished now satisfied
the lonely Silence filled
by your very presence
as that peace floods my soul
I calmly in your arms
have surrendered myself
to be swept away by
the currents of your touch
gloriously dulcet

Now in your arms I rest
asleep you held me tight
as my loneliness passed
secure I was at peace
I pray thee, stay with me

In the Silence listen
to the quiet beating
of my heart as it sings
Listen - my every breath
whispers its sweet love song
so delicate and frail
am I there in your arms
oh so tenderly held

Listen to the Silence,
let it fill you as it has me
and your soul now begins to swim
amidst the rising waves
bouncing about as the waves crash
you gaily splash about
in these rising torrents

Your hand softly passes
through my hair down my face
gently you caress me.
And your lips softly kiss
my cheek as I smile and
gaze into the eternal
depth of your eyes so pure

A tear joyfully falls
in ecstasy drifting
down my cheek to your lips
and as they meet and fuse
I hear the chorus rise,
in the Silence I hear
the deafening roar brought forth
from the divine echo
of our souls uniting.

Listen to the Silence

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.