Fr. Anthony Borrow, S.J.


The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is an international group of men active in spreading the Gospel through the promotion of justice. There is no one flavor of Jesuits. We, like these recipes, are a diverse group. Each man has his own distinct flavor which adds to the richness of the Society as a whole. If you have a favorite recipe (or a particularly flavorful Jesuit) that you would like featured please let me know by dropping an email to From time to time Jesuits are expected to cook a community meal. The frequency and level of expectation vary from community to community. I am not (by any stretch of the imagination) a "Master Chef" but I am able to follow a basic recipe. One of the better websites I have found for quick and easy recipes is While the recipes are slightly more complicated, I find the flavor and elegance of the recipes at also very good. During my theology studies in Berkeley, California I would frequently search for something that looked appealing and then see how much damage I could do.