My heart is filled with emptiness
as I touch the hollow, cold depths
of this tomb aching, struggling
moaning in the darkness I sit
afraid and alone, loneliness
You have touched me, cold and callous
My heart and blood chilled by your touch
The sepulcher prepared for me

Where is that light so radiant?,
the soul that once fluttered about,
the air now heavy, cold, dreary
Get up my soul and find that life
Oh my loneliness so like death
with your sting so bitter biting

Console me, comfort me, hold me
give life to my tired body,
warm me, my blood moves so slowly
aching, the cold, return to me
where have you gone? My soul lost - turn
that I may see your face again

Oh that peace moves my weary soul
A smile? and now I see the light
in my mind darkness, lonely death
Satisfied with sepulchral songs
singing the chorus rises, falls
Quietly dying to silence

The eyes that give me strength to love,
to find peace alone, now leave me
fading memories - I'm afraid
and cold, lonely, empty, I cry
I cry turn back - return - don't go
But away, go, fly, be free I cry

Just remember me please
I pray forget me not
I pray forget me not
And in the tomb I rest
alone at peace I am
alone yet with this love
you have to me brought life,
and pain, and death, lonely
Done. I sing thee life, peace
my heart doth cry for thee

Doth it swell as I swim
amidst the rising waves
compassionate torrents
emotions building strong
only to fall and crush
and drown my mortal soul
and drown my mortal soul
with compassion so strong

Oh Jesus golden pure
Christ Crucified, you see?
Doves singing - sh listen!
Love never fails you know
My friend hear my words well
Hear the emptiness filled
See hollowness consumed
Coldness warmed, aching soothed

Moaning, Singing, Struggling always!
Alone never, I see your smile
Gentle spring air lonely no more
Life refreshed Faith, Hope, United
Pax et Bonum and Silence now
For the words must fade making room
for those countless silent things seen
heard, understood and unspoken
Alive in the silence. Amen.

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.