The Evolution of the Dance

The Evolution of the Dance

To spin, to move, to live
to love, to dream, to be
to hope, to sing, to DANCE

Freely, gaily, lightly,
romantically, gently
Celestially, softly
On clouds, on clouds to Dance

You spin around around
and move about the floor
celebrating life anew
tenderly loving it,
compassionately - Dance

Dreaming, yearning, hoping
for what has yet to come
oh sing you hopes, you dreams
So free and blithe and light
your soul moving smoothly
rhythmically on the clouds, Dance

Dancing softly softly
to the quiet drum beat
a heart so soft, quiet
Oh yes Daddy proudly
Proudly I've watched your Dance

And the Dance ceases not,
born of its own still soul
it moves, it swells, it lives
gentle, young is the Dance

Ready and - SWING - and Miss
Watch the Bat, watch the Ball
and ready - SWING -- and Miss

Swinging, twirling, jumping
around and round, spinning
the anticipation - and miss

The hammock and fresh air
rocking back and forth
quiet and smooth
was the Dance

Dumbo! Disney!
Space Mountain!
The golf cart
The Yoo-hoo and pig's feet
riding to the store
The C.B.
The "streak"
A song it was and we Danced

Tennis balls bouncing back and forth
Running, sliding, turning
graceful (usually) dancing
Swinging from side to side
fighting to find my balance
swaying back and forth
almost a Dance on the bike
Swimming, diving, tag
silly water games

Look back, and remember
I see it so clear
Come Let us Dance!

I see it all,
the love and the dreams,
the hopes and desires.
I hear the music,
and I have learned to Dance!

You have taught me much,
but this I remember so clearly,
First you taught me to Dance.

So think of that day
when you became a Daddy
Think of the Dance,
Think of the music,
Think of me, the song
Think of you, the Dancer
because the music still plays
and the Dancer still Dances!

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.