Fr. Anthony Borrow, S.J.

Blessed Trees

Bless the Trees, Great works of the Lord
    With their Hidden roots running deep
Their Hidden histories buried within, within
    Strong and hard (on the outside)
Stable in the flexibility of its roots
    Outstretched branches, Dancing Leaves
Under which I sit in the wind
    Pondering its Wisdom
Its ability to Discern.
     Que Profundidad
        Que Fuerza
           Que Poder
              Que Goza, Que Alegría
                 Que Libertad
                    Que Dichoso es el Arbol
To Balance Between
                    Stiffness and Fluidity
                 Hardness and Softness
              Stability and Motion
           Earth and Sky
        Disclosure and Secrecy
Bless the Trees, Great works of the Lord. Amen.

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.