Kostka's Potato Pancakes (Placki Ziemnaczane)

Kostka's Potato Pancakes (Placki Ziemnaczane)

This wonderful recipe was submitted by David Nowaczewski. Having Polish blood running through my veins made this a real treat. Potato Pancakes make a wonderful Friday dinner - especially during Lent!

5 med to large potatoes
3 eggs
3 tbsp flour
1 med to large onion
2 pinches baking powder

Cooking Instructions

Grate finely (by hand) the potatoes and mix with eggs, flour and the onion (which is to be cut finely also). Stir until all is mixed well. Add two to three pinches of baking powder and some salt and pepper to taste. In a skillet heat oil (what kind it is doesn't really matter) and after oil is good and hot drop mix into oil. Try to keep pancakes about twice the size of a silver dollar for when they are too big they can be difficult to manage. Flip once and that is it. Spread sour cream, apple sauce or sugar to taste. Now your eating po polsku (Polish style!).


St. Stanislaus Kostka is the patron saint of Jesuit novices. For years St. Kostka had difficulty escaping the Polish nobility. He received much opposition from his family including his 'wicked' brother. However upon escaping, St. Kostka entered the Jesuit novitiate in Rome where he died tending the sick.

The Jesuit Novitiate of Saint Stanislaus Kostka at Saint Charles College is a common novitiate of the Missouri and New Orleans Provinces. You may be interested in learning more by reading A day in the life of a young Jesuit.