Salvation through Life, Death and Resurrection

Salvation through Life, Death and Resurrection

"The one who does not live to serve, is not fit to live." - Pope Paul VI

I am a pilgrim poor and lost
I suffer walking the hot streets
I am hungry, tired, and I ache
I yearn to see my wife, my children, my parents

You are a people lost and poor
You suffer from an illness that deceives you
By Individualism, Egotism, Capitalism
Materialism, Consumerism you exploit me

Swords that wound the spirit of my people
Violently robbing, stripping, raping
Until the greed rips out my heart and I die

I am a person anguishing
With tears I lament this profound loss
Falling into the grave
I embrace my Lord, Jesus, and
Our eternal destiny

You can bruise my body
Blister my hands and my feet
Break my humble bones
But you can not, you will not
Conquer my dignity, my being
Nor quiet my whispers to my God

I am the Lord and I walk with you
I give you food, rest, relief
I assure you that through your path you have won Salvation
I am the Lord and I die with you
I hear your shouts, supplications, and lamentations
I assure you that through your death you have won Eternal Life
I am the pilgrim waiting at your door
I ask you to listen to me, shelter me, respect me
And then you will recognize me, serve me, love me.

I remain waiting.

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.

This poem was inspired by during my novitiate experiment with the Houston Catholic Workers at Casa Juan Diego. During this time I lived, ate, and had the privilege to get to know many of my brothers and sisters who struggle to find work in this country in order to provide for the most basic needs of their families.