The Search Within

The Search Within

My feelings which have been hidden inside
Are the Life-giving fountain that
Springs forth to revive, refresh, renew, and invigorate me.

My feelings give me strength
and vital information about myself
and the world around me.

My feelings enhance my view of the world
and give meaning and purpose to the here and now.

My feelings are an important tool that
Make me more productive, more successful, and happier too.

I embrace my feelings
and thus turn my fears into strengths.
I reject the childish notion that
I must run and hide from my feelings
Because if I run and hide,
I am only running and hiding from myself
and isolating myself
from others who really care about me.

My feelings will not hurt me they
Will not lead me astray
My feelings instead will be a map to my myself
to my center
to that which makes me, Me.
So that that which I have previously feared that
Which has seemed to plague me
Will now guide me and counsel me.
My demons have become my friends
and are worthy of both respect and admiration.

My feelings are my teacher,
my sage, my advisor,
and my trusted companion.


by Anthony Borrow, S.J.