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"There is no possible escape or protection that can come from evasion and immobility"

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"There is no possible escape or protection that can come from evasion and immobility"CJ claims the movement as a symptom of humanity and fraternity, in the face of a reality that drives us to discouragement.28/12/2022

We publish our end-of-year reflection, with the title Motivated by reality. It is headed by a list of headlines published in the media throughout 2022, and which confirm the difficulty, if not the heroism, of ending the year without falling into discouragement and nihilism.


A thought that thrills us

1 month 3 weeks ago
A thought that thrills usCristianisme i Justícia claims fraternal action against the reality that surrounds us, in its Christmas campaign04/12/2022

Physical distance has become emotional, cultural and symbolic distance. When reality moves us is a symptom of humanity, of fraternity and of an innate instinct to protect life. The Cristianisme i Justícia study center presents its Christmas campaign today, calling for a fraternal action in the face of the reality that surrounds us.


“Born In The Likeness Of Men” (Ph 2:7)

2 months ago
“Born In The Likeness Of Men” (Ph 2:7)New issue of GUIDES written by Josep M. Rambla Blanch22/11/2022

Christianity, which is the following of Christ, consists of an entire life which is converted into a true sacrifice. This is not reduced to acts which are properly “religious”, like prayer or the sacraments, but rather the entire existence of the Christian should be converted into a form of living for God. Secularity, understood as the human and mundane condition of our life, is the substance of living as a Christian. In order to become conscious of it, two Ignatian contemplations (that of the hidden life of Jesus and that of the Contemplation to Obtain Love) can help us.


Melilla Continues to Suffer

2 months ago
Melilla Continues to Suffer New paper published by Daniel Izuzquiza22/11/2022

June 24, 2022, will go down in history as a day of infamy. In the morning of that day dozens of persons were killed, and more than a hundred were injured as they tried to cross the border fences separating Nador (Morocco) and Melilla (Spain). The images of their lifeless bodies, piled up as if they were animals, have been burned into our retinas. The videos recording the brutality and indifference of the Moroccan police stirred our indignation.


The Coronavirus: Mirror of Beliefs

2 months ago
The Coronavirus: Mirror of BeliefsNew booklet published by Josep F. Mària Serrano22/11/2022

Beliefs become visible —expressing themselves in ideas or actions— when individuals or communities are subjected to events that disrupt their lives. The thesis of this booklet is that the coronavirus has disrupted contemporary Western beliefs and has become a mirror in which these beliefs are reflected. Belief in nature, belief in humanity, belief in God, and simple unbelief have been the diverse reactions that this pandemic has brought to light. 

The author: Josep F. Marià Serrano

20 hours 24 minutes ago
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