Fr. Anthony Borrow, S.J.

Mystagogies of the Spiritual Exercises 500 years afterwards

1 month 3 weeks ago
Mystagogies of the Spiritual Exercises 500 years afterwardsRegistration is now open for on-line attendance from June 13th to the 17th21/03/2022

Five hundred years after St. Ignatius soujorn in Manresa (Spain), the Society of Jesus is convoking an International Symposium in the same place where the Pilgrim had his foundational experience. We want to reflect on the ways of giving and deepening the mystagogy of the Spiritual Exercises in the contemporary world which continues to hunger and thirst for God. We believe that it is just as important to reflect on the theological and anthropological presuppositions which are behind these forms as it is to share the concrete methods with which they are put into practice.

11 hours 14 minutes ago
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