Your hungry eyes look at me
depraved, despised, and poverty blessed
baptized, confirmed, and ordained

As I fill myself
I sit dreaming -
cursed, I rest, dying

I raise my head
your eyes like waterfalls
descending - crushing

Asleep, my head falls
and you look up at me
and lay me down to rest

The dirt you kick
over my face
the apple from my hand
you pick and take

And to the Tree
you look and gaze
I now buried and consumed.

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.


To spin, to move, to live
to love, to dream, to be
to hope, to sing, to DANCE

Freely, gaily, lightly,
romantically, gently
Celestially, softly
On clouds, on clouds to Dance

You spin around around
and move about the floor
celebrating life anew
tenderly loving it,
compassionately - Dance

Dreaming, yearning, hoping
for what has yet to come
oh sing you hopes, you dreams
So free and blithe and light
your soul moving smoothly
rhythmically on the clouds, Dance

Dancing softly softly
to the quiet drum beat
a heart so soft, quiet
Oh yes Daddy proudly
Proudly I've watched your Dance

And the Dance ceases not,
born of its own still soul
it moves, it swells, it lives
gentle, young is the Dance

Ready and - SWING - and Miss
Watch the Bat, watch the Ball
and ready - SWING -- and Miss

Swinging, twirling, jumping
around and round, spinning
the anticipation - and miss

The hammock and fresh air
rocking back and forth
quiet and smooth
was the Dance

Dumbo! Disney!
Space Mountain!
The golf cart
The Yoo-hoo and pig's feet
riding to the store
The C.B.
The "streak"
A song it was and we Danced

Tennis balls bouncing back and forth
Running, sliding, turning
graceful (usually) dancing
Swinging from side to side
fighting to find my balance
swaying back and forth
almost a Dance on the bike
Swimming, diving, tag
silly water games

Look back, and remember
I see it so clear
Come Let us Dance!

I see it all,
the love and the dreams,
the hopes and desires.
I hear the music,
and I have learned to Dance!

You have taught me much,
but this I remember so clearly,
First you taught me to Dance.

So think of that day
when you became a Daddy
Think of the Dance,
Think of the music,
Think of me, the song
Think of you, the Dancer
because the music still plays
and the Dancer still Dances!

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.


Breathe In - The Fullness of the Air
Let it surround you
and make you feather-light
Let its breath give you form
and make you stir within

Sensitive be to your every part
Be still and calm and gather
Everything into yourself

Breathe Out - And let that
which is within begin to fall
Rejoice in the Freedom,
In the Excitement, In the Fear
And In the Peace

Falling so quickly, so desparately
so helplessly beneath the clouds
We touch and become one

Cleansing and Refreshing
Vital, with Purpose and Desire
Peace at last.
I Relax and Breathe In.

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.


"The one who does not live to serve, is not fit to live." - Pope Paul VI

I am a pilgrim poor and lost
I suffer walking the hot streets
I am hungry, tired, and I ache
I yearn to see my wife, my children, my parents

You are a people lost and poor
You suffer from an illness that deceives you
By Individualism, Egotism, Capitalism
Materialism, Consumerism you exploit me

Swords that wound the spirit of my people
Violently robbing, stripping, raping
Until the greed rips out my heart and I die

I am a person anguishing
With tears I lament this profound loss
Falling into the grave
I embrace my Lord, Jesus, and
Our eternal destiny

You can bruise my body
Blister my hands and my feet
Break my humble bones
But you can not, you will not
Conquer my dignity, my being
Nor quiet my whispers to my God

I am the Lord and I walk with you
I give you food, rest, relief
I assure you that through your path you have won Salvation
I am the Lord and I die with you
I hear your shouts, supplications, and lamentations
I assure you that through your death you have won Eternal Life
I am the pilgrim waiting at your door
I ask you to listen to me, shelter me, respect me
And then you will recognize me, serve me, love me.

I remain waiting.

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.

This poem was inspired by during my novitiate experiment with the Houston Catholic Workers at Casa Juan Diego. During this time I lived, ate, and had the privilege to get to know many of my brothers and sisters who struggle to find work in this country in order to provide for the most basic needs of their families.


I climb you, old, steep hill
triumphantly - proudly
proclaiming every step.
Yet never question I
what it is I'm conquering.

Ne'er do I stop
to look down on
that which I step,
nor dig to find
mysteries untold
of what the hill has conquered

Only knowing that
one day it too shall
Conquer me.
And will it question
from where I have come
or ask what I've done?

Step by step I proudly ascend,
strong and arrogant is my stride.
To look out beyond the hill
I step and slip
and the hill brings me to my knees.

And I grasp at my own footprints
and as I'm sliding down the hill
my nails tear back - my feet give way -
hands and knees now bloodied and soiled.
I rest my face on the cold ground
and surrender.

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.


Gaily rises the bottle
with salt and lime
itself emptied, me self empty

Gaily rises me soul
as me mind moves
slowly asleep

Gaily rises I
me mind melted ice
and imprisoned inners freed

Gaily I rise
moving magnificently,
mourning as the dawn breaks

Gaily rays of light crash
on that which itself hid
in the nocturnal nebulous

Gaily rises me guilt
as me mind awoke
and passions receded

Gaily I rose and
Gaily I fell and
Gaily rises the guilt
now Gaily triumphant!

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.


Mother, Mother, Rejoice, Rejoice
For unto you a daughter is born
Mother, Mother, Rejoice, Rejoice
For unto you a son is born!

Yes, Rejoice Mother Rejoice
Care for them Mother, Sing to them
Teach them Mother, love them so
Two precious gifts entrusted to you
Two precious gifts entrusted to you.

Oh Mother Weep, Oh Weep
Your daughter is dead
Gift given back, Gift given back
to God the Father's precious hand
Oh Weep Mother, Yes Weep.

Oh Weep Mother, Oh Weep
Although not dead, your son is gone
Gift given back, Gift given back
By law now into his daddy's care
Oh Weep Mother, Yes Weep.

At Jesus's most holy feet
two gifts entrusted Mother laid down
with love and sorrow bittersweet
Mother laid down two entrusted gifts.

To Mother comes the Lord and asks
"Where are My two entrusted gifts?"
In sorrow she cries "I've lost them both."
She cries in sorrow "I've lost them both."

Oh Mother don't Weep, don't Weep
Gifts given back, Gifts given back
I've taken them into My precious hands
So don't Weep Mother, please don't Weep.

He says, "You did well oh Mother dear,
You taught them well to love and sing
You brought them back, You brought them back
They are in My Hands, please do not fear."

Mother, Mother, Rejoice, Rejoice
Your daughter, an angel in me reborn
Mother, Mother, Rejoice, Rejoice
Your son, a man, in me reborn
Yes Mother Rejoice, Again I say Rejoice!

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.


Over moat and out the gate
I withdraw from the warm walls
so strongly built
and patiently enduring
of my fortress with whom I rest

Oh carefully cultivated vineyard
How I long for your fruit
which to maturity have come
and through time have borne
a taste so sweet; a cup so priceless

Oh how I love to pass through
your valleys and over your hills
I wander aimlessly and peacefully
through the verdant pasture
from which I graze

Oh how I've come to adore
the tender touch of the breeze
and the cooling rains as
they caress my face
with faithful affirmation

With longing hunger
caught by burning love
through tender adoration
I again return
to my fortress with whom I rest.

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.


Oh rest quiet my soul
once restless now at ease
famished now satisfied
the lonely Silence filled
by your very presence
as that peace floods my soul
I calmly in your arms
have surrendered myself
to be swept away by
the currents of your touch
gloriously dulcet

Now in your arms I rest
asleep you held me tight
as my loneliness passed
secure I was at peace
I pray thee, stay with me

In the Silence listen
to the quiet beating
of my heart as it sings
Listen - my every breath
whispers its sweet love song
so delicate and frail
am I there in your arms
oh so tenderly held

Listen to the Silence,
let it fill you as it has me
and your soul now begins to swim
amidst the rising waves
bouncing about as the waves crash
you gaily splash about
in these rising torrents

Your hand softly passes
through my hair down my face
gently you caress me.
And your lips softly kiss
my cheek as I smile and
gaze into the eternal
depth of your eyes so pure

A tear joyfully falls
in ecstasy drifting
down my cheek to your lips
and as they meet and fuse
I hear the chorus rise,
in the Silence I hear
the deafening roar brought forth
from the divine echo
of our souls uniting.

Listen to the Silence

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.


Amidst the Flames and Torrents of Hell
      My Soul searches through this Valley of Tears
           Dying to my Self and led to new Life
                Grace freely Flows through this my Lenten Cross

by Anthony Borrow, S.J.